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  • Official Board Ministry

    Deaconess Sadie Scott Chair of Board

    Deacon Lloyd Morris 1st Vice Chair

    Deacon Albert Thurman 2nd Vice Chair

  • Mother's Board Ministry

    Mother Nellie Ruth Stodgehill President

  • Officers Resource Ministry (ORM)

    Deacon Lindral Rouse Advisor

    Prep Officer Palmer Strozier President

  • Christian Education Ministry

    Evangelist Lorraine J. White, Director of Christian Education

    Sunday School

    Rev. Jackie Hubbard, Superintendent

    New Membership Classes

    Mr. Quimby Williams, Coordinator

    Joy Night Mid-Week Worship Experience

    Computer Training

    Mr. Kelsey Kimble, Coordinator


    ITC Certificate Programing (in partnership with Interdenominational Theological Center)

    Dr. Ada Farmer, Facilitator

    Noon Inspiration

    Rev. Pennye Rogers, Facilitator

    Power Couples

    Mr. Demantez and Mrs. Stephanie Sheppard, Coordinators

  • Choir Ministries

    Inspirational Voices

    Dr. R. L. White Jr., Director
    Mrs. Carolyn Bridges, Assistant Directress
    Mr. Thomas Jones, President

    Male Chorus

    Mr.  Jason Coffey, Director
    Deacon Bennet Baxter, President

    Youth for Christ Choir

    Mrs. Carolyn Bridges, Directress
    Ms. Judy Johnson – Assistant Directress
    Mrs. Bobbie Leslie – President of Boosters

    Psalm 150

          Rev. Lee C. Franklin, Director

    R. L. White Gospel Chorus

    Dr. Kimberly Gore-Mobley, Directress
    Mr. James Bush, Assistant Director
    Deaconess Sadie Scott, President

    Mass Choir

    Dr. R. L. White Jr., Director
    Mrs. Carolyn Bridges, Assistant Directress
    Ms. Jackie Baity, Assistant Directress

    R. L. White Chorale

    Dr. R.L. White Jr., Director

    Musician Staff

    Mr. Walter Bridges, Minster of Music

  • Ushers Ministries

    MECL (Mount Ephraim Christian League)

    Mrs. Ruth Pendergrass, President

    Junior Usher Board

    Mrs. Sandra Drummond, President

    R. L. White Usher Board

    Mrs. Charlene Newton, President

    Senior Ushers

    Deaconess Robbie McCoy, President

    Male Ushers

    Mr. Christopher Hunt Sr., President

    Volunteer Ushers

  • Youth Ministry

    Rev. Lee C. Franklin, Youth Minister

    718 Bible Study

    Vacation Bible School

    Trustee Tamala Jenkins, Coordinator

    Dance Ministry

    Ms. Sandra Brown, Coordinator

    Ms. Torion Harden, Choreographer

    Mount Ephraim Boys Scouts

    Ms. Jennell Hunt, Advisor

    Mount Ephraim Girl Scouts

    Mrs. Tawana Kirkland, Advisor

  • Outreach Ministries

    Robert Owens’ Missionary Unit

    Missionary Mary Albritton, President

    Mount Ephraim’s Super Senior Ministry

    Deaconess Marilyn Mitchell, Coordinator

    New Members’ Care Ministry 

    Ms. Benesta Dixon, Coordinator

    Health Ministry

    Mrs. Adlean McElroy, Coordinator

    Greeters Ministry

    Deaconess Marilyn Mitchell, President

    Sharing Promotes Healing

    Mrs. Delores Travitt, President

    Pastor’s Aid Ministry

    Mrs. Mattie Baxter, President

    Drama Ministry

    Rev. Betty Ferguson, Coordinator

    Prison Ministry

    Rev. Patrina White McClure, Coordinator

    Scholarship Committee

    Ms. Rosie Pettway, President

    Veterans Ministry

    Mr. Ed McCray, President

    Nursing Home Ministry

    Helping Hands Ministry

    Homeless Ministry

    Bus/Transportation Ministry

  • Media Ministry

    Tape Ministry

    Mr. Calvin Franks, President


    Deaconess Earnestine Lattimore, President

    Mount Ephraim Printing Center

    Ms. Sandra Wall, Manager

    Sanctuary/Campus Audio Ministry

    Deacon Larry Gilpin, Chief Audio Technician

  • Men's Minsitry

    Mount Ephraim Men United for Christ

    Deacon Lloyd Morris, President

    Boys II Men

    Rev. Quinton Steverson, Coordinator

    KING Conference

  • Women's Ministry

    Evangelist Lorraine J. White, Coordinator

    Women N' Touch

    Women's Conference

    Fearlessly Girl

    Women's Retreat

  • Sick & Bereavement Ministry

    Rev. Lee C. Franklin, Coordinator

  • Athletics Ministry

    Rev. Vincent Avery, Coordinator