Census 2022

My Brothers and Sisters,

The time has come that we take a census of our membership. We are requesting this information to continue operating our church with the efficiency you deserve as an active member. If you are a member and/or would like to become a member, please fill out the requested information below. This census will continue through May 30, 2022, all provided information will be kept confidential.

Thanks in advance for your financial support during these pandemic times. We are thankful to God for keeping us. We look forward to keeping the fellowship we have had in the past as we celebrate God’s continued favor. It is a joy serving you.

All Because of Calvary,

Dr. R. L. White, Jr.

Census 2022

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**If you would like to become a member, once you complete this form and submit it, you will receive a phone call from First Lady Lorraine Jacques White.